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Does TDD Really Ensure Quality?

Posted by Victor Hugo Germano em Terça-feira, Janeiro 29, 2008

  There’s been some interesting commentary on the National Research Council of Canada’s paper titled “The Effectiveness of Test-first Approach to Programming” . The study, carried out on a sample size of 24 IT graduates, adds to the growing body of research on the topic. Though TDD is accepted as an excellent learning tool for quickly understanding the domain in which developers work, the question of whether TDD directly correlates quality in software is still considered unproven by some. This study, while still not conclusive, does show some interesting results – though different results, depending on who’s analysing them.

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Posted by Ivan Sanchez em Quarta-feira, Janeiro 16, 2008

Mora em Belo Horizonte e quer participar de um Coding Dojo? Então dê uma olhada no anúncio do BH Coding Dojo.

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Posted by Victor Hugo Germano em Sexta-feira, Janeiro 11, 2008

Why You Should Test Your Requirements

We’ve written before about several characteristics of well written requirements, and one of those characteristics is testability. Ahamad has written an list of 10 tests of requirements, with an emphasis on assessing the testability of the requirements. The testability of the requirement determines if the resultant product can be tested to determine if it meets the requirement. (…)

Generated Tests and TDD

TDD has become quite popular, and many companies are attempting to adopt it. However, some folks worry that it takes a long time to write all those unit tests and are looking to test-generation tools as a way to decrease that burden.

The burden is not insignificant. FitNesse, an application created using TDD, is comprised of 45,000 lines of Java code, 15,000 of which are unit tests. Simple math suggests that TDD increases the coding burden by a full third!

Of course this is a naive analysis. The benefits of using TDD are significant, and far outweigh the burden of writing the extra code. But that 33% still feels “extra” and tempts people to find ways to shrink it without losing any of the benefits. (…)

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